Is it just me or is everyone hiring?

29 09 2009

I’m blogging from my cellphone, because this couldn’t wait!   Apple, Facebook (looking to grow by ~50%), Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Target… all these companies look like they are back on the market for talented people and where are you? Are you sitting at home still twiddling your thumbs???? Goodness, let’s hope not!

Let’s also hope that you took this time to prepare a resume! Geesh. Get out there and start applying, people! Who knows when these companies will fill their 2010 headcount. You don’t want to be stuck without.

How can you tell if someone is hiring?
1) Check their stocks… are they staying afloat or moving upward? Chances are they’re hiring!
2) Are they “recession proof”? Walmart did well during this recession. So did the cosmetics industry. Why? Cheap goods and DIY services are hot during a recession. Nail polish sales increased dramatically!
3) Random articles about company culture. They’re attracting YOU.

Start makin’ calls. Start droppin’ resumes. And stop being unemployed!