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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These views are my own and are in no way associated with my employer.

I’m Stefanie and I have six years of career development and HR experience both from college and employer perspectives.  I’ve collected a wealth of knowledge about career prep and development, but I learned it all the hard way.

I graduated college and found myself unemployed and scratching my head.  I mean, I had done everything right.  I worked through school, had a good resume, did well academically and had plenty of people in my “network”.   I was “awesome”!  Why wasn’t anyone hiring me?  I graduated without a job, applied to 50+ different companies and temp agencies, only to get rejected every single time.   Depressing, huh?  Sound like you?

Well, fear no more!  With access to a more phenomenally experienced and bright network that I ever imagined (wisdom in the masses), I’m dedicating this blog to you, Awesome & Unemployed.  Learn tips and tricks for getting the right job.   Hear from amazing professionals about how they became successful.  Give me feedback on what you need and how I can help.  Start your career now.

What do you need help with?  Email me at awesomeandunemployed [at] gmail [dot] com.


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28 07 2009
Karri McKinney

This Awesome……..

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