21 04 2010

Keeping in touch really sounds obvious, but when life is moving at the speed of light, it’s so hard to remember to say hello to those people that helped to guide and mentor your career.

I just got an email update from a close gal pal of mine, just updating us on her fabulous life in New York City.  She was working for Macy’s West when Macy’s shut down their west coast office and she found herself unemployed.  She kicks ass when she’s working, but during a recession and the DRASTIC (and I mean drastic) downsizing of her industry, her search felt futile.  She finally gave in and moved to where the retail and fashion industry is the biggest: New York City.  She got a job with a huge department store as a buyer, which was her dream!  Eventually, she learned the role wasn’t for her, so she ended up moving to another company, but she’s glad she tried it and got the great experience.

It brought me great joy to get an update from her.  I appreciated that she took the time to write a great email about her stressful journey in NYC without her closest girl friends.  Then I thought… wow, I really love getting emails from people that I’ve given advice to along the way.  It’s just so rewarding to hear they are doing well and that they never gave up.

As you continue on this crazy path of finding yourself and the right career for you, give an update some times to those people that guided you along the way.  They’ll appreciate the time that you took to give them an update about where you are, where you’ve come, and to see how they are doing.  They’ll also think of you when things come up. 🙂

This is my homage to all the amazing people who have made an impact on my-so-called-career in large and small ways; to people that challenged me to think differently and be different; to the people that challenged me to work harder, faster, and more strategically; and to the people that continue to watch me fall, make mistakes, and (try to) pick myself up again!

Thank you for investing in me, Vicky Wang, Eric Lochtefeld and his team, Lynne Winslow, Warren Cowan, Paula Smith Quinn, Charlie Caudill, Ed Bailey, Stacy Brown-Philpot, Josh Li, Yolanda Mangolini, and so many more.  I’ll continue to build this list out when I post! 🙂




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22 04 2010

good post. I like it.

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