Congrats, Lisa!

9 10 2009
Lisa on the Great Wall of China (with me in the background)

Lisa on the Great Wall of China (with me in the background)

This is my friend, Lisa.   Up until today, she was awesome and unemployed.  She graduated from UC Riverside this past June and spent the summer traveling only to come back to the states without a job.  Today, she’s got a great job lined up for her at an unnamed awesome company in Northern California (*cough* starts with a G, ends with an e).

In addition to having great experience and being bright, here are some of the great qualities about Lisa and the reasons she is truly awesome and deserves this role.

She has a positive and grateful outlook on life.
Do you know anyone that feels like the world should be handed to him/her on a silver platter?  Those people who demand service without delivering any?  I know a lot of people who think that they should have something because they are smart, attractive or come from a “pedigree” of successful people.  This is not Lisa.  When I told her that the position might be temporary, she said, “Stef, I don’t mind temporary.  I am so new and I really just want to learn and soak up the work experience.  I really don’t mind–I’m just happy to have the opportunity to try.”  She works hard, she’s humble, and knows that there are great things awaiting her in life.

She knows what she brings to the table.
Lisa is honest about what she actually brings to the table and has a genuine interest in helping to solve people’s problems with her skills & expertise.  A lot of candidates walk into a room and try so hard to impress the interviewers with their brains, brawn, money, whatever.  Lisa came as herself.  For better or for worse, she told them all about her experiences and let them decide.

She is introspective.
No one is tougher on Lisa than herself (except maybe her sister, Linda!  Just kidding, Linda 😉 ).  She has high expectations of her own performance and intends on delivering the right and best solution every time.  She is confident about her strengths and recognizes her weaknesses–and is honest about what she knows and doesn’t know.

She is courageous.
Lisa is a strong woman.  She is not afraid to say what she thinks and be strong for others.  When we were traveling together, we were being harassed by some men on the subway.  Lisa put on her “don’t mess with me” face and was ready to let them have it if they tried anything.  She also was able to maneuver others out of the way and take care of herself and her friends/family.  I love this part about Lisa–the loyalty and the willingness to fight for what’s right.

Perhaps I’m just running on about the many reasons I respect Lisa, but these are traits that also translate in an interview.  Don’t be afraid of understanding yourself and bringing your whole self to the table.  If you don’t know you, you won’t be able to tell anyone else about you.  So start being honest and letting them know exactly what excites you, how you operate, and what motivates you to do amazing work.




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9 10 2009

Congratulations, Miss Lisa! : ) SOO exciting!

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